Frequently Asked


What is MinecraftEdu?

MinecraftEdu provides products and services that make it easy for educators to use Minecraft in the classroom. We make a special version of Minecraft specifically for classroom use. It contains many additions to the original game that make it more useful and appropriate in a school setting. We also offer a cloud-based solution for hosting Minecraft classroom servers so students and teachers can connect and play together. We also host a library of lessons and activities that are available for free, and there is a vibrant, active teacher community exploring uses of Minecraft in the classroom.

Is this authorized by Mojang, the creators of Minecraft?

Yes. TeacherGaming, the company behind MinecraftEdu, licenses Minecraft from Mojang for the explicit purpose of making the game more affordable and accessible to educational institutions worldwide.

What can I teach with MinecraftEdu?

MinecraftEdu has been used to teach a wide range of subjects. The game is designed to be open ended which allows content to be built around any subject area. Teachers have successfully used the game to teach History, Math, Art, Programming, Creative Writing, Science, Music, Digital Citizenship, Religion and more. A very active community is creating and sharing content every day.

What do I need to buy to get started at my educational institution?

MinecraftEdu is a multiplayer/multiuser game and learning experience. In order to get started you will need two things from us

  • MinecraftEdu Client Software (user licenses): This is the software that runs on an individual user’s machine and allows them to play the game. You will need enough user licenses to support the number of simultaneous users you will have. See below for more information.
  • MinecraftEdu Server Software (server license): This is the multiplayer server software that allows students and instructors to connect and play together. You must purchase at least one copy of the Server Software, whether you plan to run your own server or you plan to use our MinecraftEdu Hosting service (see below), though you might need more depending on how you plan to use MinecraftEdu. See the ‘MinecraftEdu Software’ section of the FAQ for more details.


What are the features of the MinecraftEdu Software?

The MinecraftEdu Software contains:

  • The same award winning creative sandbox-style gameplay as the original Minecraft
  • An easy-to-use server for connecting students in a multiplayer environment
  • Student management tools to control where students can go, where they can build, and how they interact with the world and each other
  • Access to a library of teacher-created lessons and activities
  • Powerful building tools that allow teachers to quickly add their own content into the game

Who is eligible to purchase the MinecraftEdu Software?

We are authorized to sell the MinecraftEdu Software to educational institutions worldwide. Examples of educational institutions include

  • Public and private schools (primary, secondary, colleges and universities, etc.)
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Registered charitable and non-profit organizations using the software in structured educational programs (for example registered United States 501(c)3 organizations)

The purchase must be made directly by the educational institution. We are required to verify your eligibility as part of the purchase process and may contact you to request information in order to do so. You will not be charged and your licenses will not be issued until this verification is completed, generally within 2 business days.

Can my students use the MinecraftEdu Software as part of an afterschool program, workshop or other activity or can it only be used in a classroom setting?

As long as the software purchase is made by a qualifying educational institution for use as part of a structured learning program (see above), there are no restrictions on the learning context or location where software may be used. You also may not resell MinecraftEdu Software licenses you purchase under any circumstances.

I am a homeschool parent or individual consumer. Can I purchase the MinecraftEdu Software?

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer the software to homeschooling parents and individual consumers. You can purchase the commercial edition of Minecraft directly from Mojang here.

How many licenses to the MinecraftEdu Software do I need for my school?

The number of server and user licenses that you need is based how many users will be playing MinecraftEdu simultaneously. This is true whether you are hosting your own servers or using our cloud-based MinecraftEdu Hosting Service. You need one copy of the server software for each location where the game is played, and one user license per concurrent user. Some examples:

  • Your school will use the game in a single computer lab with 20 computers. Multiple classes may use the game, but only one at a time. You will need one server license and 20 user licenses.
  • Your school will use the game in two classrooms at the same time with 25 students each. You will need two server licenses and 50 user licenses.
  • Your school has a 1:1 laptop program with 500 students and intends to host a server online that all students might connect to simultaneously. You will need one server license and 500 user licenses.

So how much does the software usually end up costing? Any hidden fees?

No hidden fees! The server software costs a one-time fee of $41. Fewer than 25 user licenses cost $18 each, or $14 each for more than 25. A typical scenario is a teacher buying 25 game licenses ($350) and the server software ($41), for a total of $391. All prices are in US Dollars.

Can I give copies of the MinecraftEdu Software to my students to use at home?

You are allowed to give students access to the MinecraftEdu Software to use at home only if they are using it to participate in a structured learning program or activity organized by your school or organization, for example connecting to a school server from home to complete 'homework' outside of the school day (see above). You may never sell the game to students for money, nor may you give away copies of Minecraft or MinecraftEdu you have purchased to students to use outside of a structured learning program or activity.

I want to buy a large number of MinecraftEdu Software licenses. Can I get a better discount?

Yes, contact us for details!

When will my MinecraftEdu Software purchase be available to me?

When you submit your order, we will send you a confirmation email. We are then required to verify your status as an educational institution and may contact you to request additional information in order to do so. Generally this process takes no more than 2 business days. Once your status is confirmed, you will receive an email with a secure link to download the software. We will also charge your credit card at this time if you chose to pay by credit card or contact you to arrange payment if you chose to pay by bank transfer or check.

How will my software be delivered once I make my purchase?

Once you complete your purchase we will send instructions for you to download the MinecraftEdu Software from a secure section of the MinecraftEdu website.

Will I receive a receipt for my purchase?

Yes, you will receive an email receipt once your purchase is completed. Check your SPAM folder if you have not received it.

What are the minimum technical requirements for the MinecraftEdu Software?

The software will generally run on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer (desktop or laptop) manufactured in the last 5 years or so as long as it has Java installed.

The MinecraftEdu Software consists of two pieces of software: the Multiplayer Server and the Client Software. The minimum system requirements are similar for both and are also similar to the requirements for the commercial edition of Minecraft:

  • A Windows, Mac or Linux computer (desktop or laptop)
  • 2 GB of RAM or greater
  • Intel Pentium D, AMD Athlon or greater processor
  • 200MB free hard disk space or more
  • Java 6 Release 45 or later (including Java 7 and 8)

The above represents a minimum configuration. Please see the official Minecraft system requirements from Mojang for more information and recommended configurations.

Please note that the MinecraftEdu Software will not run on smartphones, tablets (e.g. iPad, Android) or Chromebooks.

What do I need to host my own MinecraftEdu server?

Running a MinecraftEdu Server requires no special hardware or equipment other than a computer plugged into your school network. In most environments, you can simply start the server on one computer and then connect to it via IP address. However the software can be run on a virtual host or in a managed environment. If you would prefer not to set up and manage your own server, you might be interested in our Hosting Service (see below).


General Questions

What is MinecraftEdu Classroom Server Hosting?

When you use MinecraftEdu locally in your classroom, one computer runs a copy of the MinecraftEdu Server software, and the other computers run the MinecraftEdu Client software. The computers that are running the MinecraftEdu Client software all connect to the computer that is running the MinecraftEdu Server software, so that students and instructors can play and learn together. When you use our Hosting Service, we run the MinecraftEdu Server software for you on the internet, or in the "cloud." The computers in your classroom run the MinecraftEdu Client software, and connect to a Hosted Classroom Server over the internet.

Do I have to use TeacherGaming’s MinecraftEdu Hosting Service in order to use the MinecraftEdu Software?

No. If you prefer, you can install the MinecraftEdu Server Software on a computer you control and maintain for your users to connect to, for example a computer at your school. (This is what most MinecraftEdu users did before we introduced our Hosting Service). If you would prefer not to set up and manage a server of your own, a Hosted Classroom Server might be a good fit for you.

What are the advantages of using your MinecraftEdu Hosting Service rather than hosting my own server?

We’ve integrated the Hosting Service as part of the MinecraftEdu launcher to make setting up and running a MinecraftEdu Server easy in educational environments. Key features and advantages include:

  • Hosted environment: No need to set up or manage school hardware to host your server. We’ll do it for you with cloud-based servers.
  • No long-term commitments: Use your hosted server for as long as you like and cancel at any time. No need to buy special server hardware or commit to a long-term hosting contract.
  • Personal service: Our technical support team can work directly with your classroom teachers, and technical staff to custom configure your Hosted Server.
  • Customization: Using our web-based tools, you can manage your own customized library of worlds for your Hosted Classroom Server. Create a new randomized Minecraft world on the fly, or import worlds from the MinecraftEdu World Library, create custom flat worlds, or upload your own pre-generated, version compatible world!
  • Security: Each user receives their own username and password and only authorized users can access your server.
  • Automated Backup: Your Minecraft worlds are backed up automatically and can be downloaded and restored (just in case your students make changes to your Minecraft world that you would like to undo).

What do you mean by a ‘Classroom Server’?

Our hosted servers are designed to be what we call ‘Classroom Servers.’ It’s kind of useful to think about them in the same way you might think about a physical classroom: it supports around 30 users doing a single learning activity (in this case playing together in the same Minecraft world) at one time. Just like you can have different groups of people doing different learning activities in the same classroom at different times of day, our Classroom Servers can be set up to run different Minecraft worlds/lessons for different groups of students at different times. We are able to support other types of servers (for example larger numbers of users in the same Minecraft world together, or very large worlds). If you have questions or special needs, please contact us.

Do I still need to purchase a MinecraftEdu Software License if I am using the Hosting Service?

Every MinecraftEdu Server must be validly licensed, whether you are hosting it yourself or using our Hosting Service. The one-time Server Software licensing cost of $41 USD is in addition to any subscription fee for using the Hosting Service. Once purchased, the Server Software is licensed to your school or organization, so if you decide you want to stop using the Hosting Service and host your own server, you can do so at any time and transfer the Server Software license to your own server at no additional charge.

Whether you are using the Hosting Service or hosting your own server, you must purchase enough MinecraftEdu Client Software licenses to support the number of simultaneous users you will have.

I already own a MinecraftEdu Software Server License and have been hosting my own server. I’d like to use the Hosting Service instead. Do I need to purchase another Server License?

No. You can transfer your already-purchased Server License to your hosted server at no additional charge. You would just need to pay the monthly fee to use the Hosting Service.

Purchasing and Set Up

I would like to use the Hosting Service. How do I sign up and purchase?

Subscriptions are purchasable from the MinecraftEdu Store. If your school or institution has purchased MinecraftEdu in the past, please first login with either the purchasing user account, or a valid Teacher account for your school. Setup is automated once your order has been processed. Depending on your method of payment, processing time may vary. Once a server has been marked as paid, your Subscription starts the first time you activate your server from the Hosted Server Control Panel.

What is the cost of the Hosting Service?

MinecraftEdu Classroom Server Subscriptions are $25 USD per month for every server instance. A single classroom server supports approximately 30 simultaneous users. This is the cost of the Hosting Service only and does not include the cost of any MinecraftEdu Software Licenses you may need to purchase (see above).

Is there any long-term commitment or contract required to use the Hosting Service?

No. Server access is purchased on a prepaid, monthly basis. For your convenience, you may sign up for recurring billing or purchase several months in advance, but once the term for which you have paid is over, you are under no obligation to continue using the Hosting Service and you will not be charged further.

What methods of payment do you accept for a Hosting Subscription?

We accept payment via a credit card, a bank transfer or we can issue an invoice and accept purchase orders. It most cases we can accept payment via a check drawn on either a US or European Union bank account. Purchase orders can be e-mailed, faxed, or sent via post.

Credit Card is the fastest and most preferred method. Purchase transaction is pending until purchaser is verified. Typically processed in one business day.

If you have a PO, the order is processed upon the receipt of your purchase order. Invoices are issued against the supplied PO number, and will be emailed upon receipt of the purchase order. Processing time is typically 3 business days.

Invoices are emailed upon verification of your order. Order is processed on the receipt of payment if no purchase order is supplied. Accepted invoice payments are with a cheque or bank transfer.

Technical Questions

Will the Hosting Service work with my school’s network and firewall or Internet filter?

We’ve designed the Hosting Service to play nicely with school networks. However, if your school is using a restrictive firewall or Internet filter, some configuration will be necessary. Of course, we'd be happy to work with your school’s IT staff to get things going.

Technical details for configuring firewalls or Internet filters:

  • All connections from the MinecraftEdu Client use TCP and are outbound-only (there is no need to open any ports for inbound traffic).
  • The MinecraftEdu Client needs to connect to on port 80 or port 443 (this is normal HTTP traffic).
  • The MinecraftEdu Client also needs to connect to or or on port 25565 (this uses the Minecraft protocol, which is not based on HTTP).
  • If your school requires all HTTP/HTTPS traffic to go through a proxy, this can be configured within the MinecraftEdu Client by clicking on the "Client Settings" button and then clicking on the "Proxy" button.
  • If your firewall or Internet filter needs to be configured using IP addresses instead of domain names (which we discourage because it is possible that we'll need to change these addresses someday), you can use the IP addresses listed here:
    • (port 80 or 443)
    • (port 25565)
    • (port 25565)
    • (port 25565)

Where are the Hosted Servers located?

We have servers located in the United States, in Europe, and in Australia. When you first activate your server we’ll select a location for you based on your selected time zone.

Is the Hosting Service secure?

Each user of the Hosting Service (student or teacher) requires a user account and password. Only users who are authorized to access a particular server can do so and it isn’t possible to access the server except through this secure login mechanism. Data in transit between a MinecraftEdu Server (including your Hosted Classroom Server) and an individual user’s computer is also encrypted. Regular Minecraft retail installations cannot access your server, and servers can be closed to student access outside of school hours, or stopped completely.

Is student data kept private and secure?

We collect no personal information directly from students. Student accounts can even be anonymous if desired. Student chat logs are available for download by from our servers for 30 days, and are then expunged from our system.

Does my Hosted Classroom Server run on dedicated hardware?

Your Hosted Classroom Server is a virtualized instance that runs on hardware that may support several other Hosted Classroom Servers.

I have more than 30 users I would like to use the Hosting Service. Is this possible?

The 30 user limit for our Classroom Servers is a recommendation we make for optimal performance. It is also a guideline for simultaneous users, meaning that, if you would like to register more than 30 users accounts for more than 30 different individuals, that’s absolutely fine -- we just recommend you don’t have more than 30 users or so connect to your server at the same time.

If you anticipate needing access for more than 30 simultaneous users, please contact us. We may be able to find a way to accommodate you.

I understand that access to my Hosted Classroom Server is secured with user accounts. Are these the same thing as a Mojang Account or retail Minecraft account?

No. MinecraftEdu Hosting Accounts are distinct from Mojang Accounts.

Can my users share MinecraftEdu Hosting accounts?

We prefer that user have their own personal account. You can register as many MinecraftEdu Hosting accounts as you need at no cost, but to better secure access to your Hosted Classroom Server, we recommend that individual accounts are not shared.

How much Internet bandwidth does the MinecraftEdu Hosting Service require?

The amount of bandwidth used can vary, depending on how many users there are and exactly what they're doing. But as a general rule of thumb, we expect about 1000 bytes per second to be uploaded to the Hosting Service for each connected user, and about 7000 bytes per second to be downloaded per user.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via a credit card, a bank transfer or we can issue an invoice and accept purchase orders. It most cases we can accept payment via a check drawn on either a US or European Union bank account. Purchase orders can be e-mailed , faxed, or sent via post.

Is my payment information secure?

We collect and store payment information in a secure manner and use it only for the purpose of processing subscription transactions. With the exception of vendors we use to process payment transactions, we will never share information concerning your method of payment with any third party.

What is a VAT number?

VAT is a tax assessed by the European Union on goods and services sold within the EU Community. EU customers are asked to supply their VAT numbers to allow us to calculate the appropriate VAT for their orders (or to determine if customers are exempt from the VAT, as most schools and non-profit organizations are). You can validate your VAT number here. EU customers who fail to supply a VAT number will have VAT assessed. Prior to 2015, the VAT rate assessed was based on Finnish tax policies (24%). Starting in 2015, the VAT rate assessed is based on the tax policies of the country of the purchaser.

VAT is not assessed for customers outside the European Union (for example the United States).

My school/district/organization requires that payment be made through a Purchase Order (PO) process. Can I do this?

Yes. Select the invoice option during checkout. We will contact you to complete the invoicing process, can provide information for your purchasing department and can include a purchase order number on your invoice.

We are also happy to complete any paperwork your school or organization requires as part of its vendor setup process. Please contact us prior to placing your order if you require this.

What is your refund policy?

For your MinecraftEdu Software purchase, within 30 days of your purchase, you are entitled to, upon request, a full, no questions asked refund.

For your Hosting Service purchase, within 7 days of your purchase, you are entitled to, upon request, a full, no questions asked refund. MinecraftEdu Hosting Service purchases are prepaid on a monthly basis and may be cancelled at any time, meaning that if you notify us that you wish to stop using the Hosting Service outside of the 7 day refund window, you may continue to use the Service for the remainder of the month for which you have already paid with no further usage or financial obligation beyond that.

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