MinecraftEdu & Minecraft: Education Edition

On January 19th 2016, Microsoft announced they will be acquiring MinecraftEdu from TeacherGaming. At the same time, a new educational version of the game was announced: Minecraft: Education Edition will launch this summer to schools around the world. You can read Minecraft: Education Edition FAQ here. This FAQ will address the most common questions about Minecraft: Education Editions and MinecraftEdu.

If you have any questions not addressed here, use the contact page to get in touch with us!

My school just bought MinecraftEdu, how does this affect us?

There are no negative effects to your MinecraftEdu purchase. You will have access to the products you have paid for and in addition you will have a free one-year subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition once it is launched. Even after the release, MinecraftEdu can be used just as before as the licenses are perpetual and will never expire.

How about MinecraftEdu development?

MinecraftEdu development continues normally for now. We are currently working on updating MinecraftEdu to 1.8.9 and developing the MinecraftEdu Hosting service further. We will also be adding a few new supported languages.

Will you continue to support MinecraftEdu?

Yes, for now. MinecraftEdu support will continue normally. You can still contact us, chat with us or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

After the release of Education Edition, TeacherGaming will still offer the MinecraftEdu Classroom Server Hosting for existing MinecraftEdu customers, providing the 'white glove' service to our hosting customers as per usual.

Can I still purchase MinecraftEdu?

Yes, MinecraftEdu will be available for purchase for now. To make the transition smooth, all existing MinecraftEdu customers are offered a free one-year subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition.

After Minecraft: Education Edition is launched, MinecraftEdu licenses will not be available any longer.

Should I purchase MinecraftEdu now or wait for the Education Edition?

There are no drawbacks to purchasing now. You can buy MinecraftEdu and use it as long as you like. You will also receive the first year of service for the Minecraft: Education Edition for free. You can decide which is best for you later. Please note that the pricing structures will be different, so you should also decide what makes sense for your budget.

Minecraft: Education Edition is set to launch summer 2016. If you want to get started during spring term, you can purchase MinecraftEdu licenses on our website right now.

Will my MinecraftEdu installation still work after Education Edition is released?

Yes. You can continue to use MinecraftEdu normally after the Education Edition is released.

What about MinecraftEdu Classroom Server Hosting?

MinecraftEdu Classroom Server Hosting will operate normally even after the launch of the Education Edition. Please note that there are currently no plans to include an online hosting service for Minecraft: Education Edition.

With Classroom Server Hosting, we run the server for you online and automate most common configuration tasks. Classroom Server Hosting is a flexible, cost-effective way to get your students playing together without the hassle of running your own server. Designed to work with most school networks, we provide everything you need to play in the cloud without sacrificing any of the award-winning MinecraftEdu experience.

What’s the difference between MinecraftEdu and Minecraft: Education Edition?

Minecraft: Education Edition is built on the experiences we’ve had with with MinecraftEdu over the years so there will be a lot of similar features. In addition, the Education Edition will offer new, enhanced features such as student portfolio. You can read more details from the Minecraft: Education Edition FAQ.

Education Edition is still being developed and there are some features in MinecraftEdu that have not yet been announced for the Education Edition. They include

  • Mod support Currently there is no mod support in Education Edition. MinecraftEdu online mods will continue to function normally and you can install any Forge mods you want into MinecraftEdu.
  • Offline functionality MinecraftEdu doesn’t require student login and functions offline within school’s local area network. Education Edition introduces a new login system to provide more customizability and personalization.
  • Online hosting Right now, there are no plans to include an online hosting service for Minecraft: Education Edition. MinecraftEdu Classroom Server Hosting will operate normally even after the launch of Education Edition.

What will TeacherGaming do next?

TeacherGaming will carry on with its mission to bring great games to the classroom. We continue to work on KerbalEdu which is based on the award-winning Kerbal Space Program. And we'll be making other exciting announcements about our portfolio of games soon, too! There is still so much untapped potential for using games to educate, inspire, and connect with students. We can't wait to continue the journey.

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