Classroom Server Hosting

MinecraftEdu Cloud Hosting is a flexible, cost-effective way to get your students playing together without the hassle of running your own server. Designed to work with most school networks, we provide everything you need to play in the cloud without sacrificing any of the award-winning MinecraftEdu experience. The price for the service starts from $25.00 a month!

Simply install the game on your machines, log in, and be connected to your own private and secure game world. Our team is dedicated to providing 'white glove' service to help you get set up so you can customize the experience to meet the needs of your curriculum and your students. You get all of our powerful teacher tools and can use any of the teacher-created lessons in our World Library.

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How it Works

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Most of MinecraftEdu's unique features require that players be connected to a MinecraftEdu Server. The server is where the game world actually lives. While you can certainly host the server yourself on your school network, this often requires extra time, technical skill, and/or the assistance of your school's IT department.

With MinecraftEdu Cloud Hosting, we run the server for you online and automate most common configuration tasks. When it's time to play, your students simply connect and their world will be waiting for them. They can start a new adventure or pick up right where they left off in their last play session.

Our basic Classroom Servers allow around 30 users to connect and play simultaneously. Custom servers with more options are are available -- just ask!

Hosting Comparison

Teacher Hosted MinecraftEdu Hosting
Server Location School Cloud
Who sets up and maintains server hardware and software? Teacher or school IT staff MinecraftEdu
Who Installs and changes maps and lessons? Teacher or school IT staff MinecraftEdu
Backup approach Managed by teacher or school IT staff Automatic
Cost Licensing costs only $25.00/month per classroom server + licensing costs
Long-term commitment None None
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Technical Details

Even though we are hosting the server in the cloud, you’ll still need to run the actual game on your institution’s computers. Please note following requirements:

  • Requires Windows, Mac, or Linux. (sorry no iPads, Chromebooks, or Android)
  • Must be able to install software locally (note more virtual machines or terminal platforms won’t work)
  • Requires Java 1.6 or newer
  • Some minor network configurations may be required
  • Additional requirements listed here

Have More Questions?

Check out our FAQ page for answers to common queries.

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