MinecraftEdu Hosted Classroom Server Subscriber Agreement

1. Definitions

TeacherGaming, LLC ("TeacherGaming") agrees to furnish services to the Subscriber, subject to the following ("Subscriber Agreement").

TeacherGaming, LLC, the company hereafter referred to as, ("TeacherGaming"), ("Us"), ("We") and The Client, ("Customer"), ("Client") and ("You").

Use of a MinecraftEdu Classroom Server constitutes acceptance and agreement to “Subscriber Agreement”, TeacherGaming’s “Privacy Policy”, and ToU ("Terms of Use").

All provisions of this contract are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of TeacherGaming. Subscriber understands that change to the ToU by TeacherGaming shall not be grounds for early contract termination or non-payment.

2. Subscription Type and Activation

All MinecraftEdu Hosted Classroom Server Subscriptions are subject to Subscriber verification and eligibility for educational licensing. Please see License and Authorized Use in Section 1 of the MinecraftEdu ToU for details. Once verified, any pending credit purchases will be submitted for settlement, purchase orders processed, and/or invoices issued. Upon receipt of a purchase order, or payment in full, a server is eligible for activation by the Subscriber from the Hosted Server Control Panel. A Subscription begins upon the first server activation by the Subscriber, or 90 days after eligibility, whichever comes first.

Monthly Recurring Subscription

Monthly recurring subscriptions provide access to a MinecraftEdu Hosted Classroom Server for a period of one calendar month from the day of Server Activation. The only acceptable form of payment for a recurring subscription is payment with a credit or debit card backed by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. The Subscriber will be notified by email 7 days before the expiration of their current subscription. TeacherGaming will attempt to auto-renew the Subscription with the same saved payment information 3 days prior to the end of the Subscription and send an email receipt. Duplicate receipts for auto-renewal are available from the Members Area of the purchasing user. If the subscription fails to auto-renew, the Subscriber will receive an email notification of the failure. The server will automatically be backed up and deactivated.

Prepaid Subscription

Prepaid MinecraftEdu Hosting Service subscriptions can be paid for with a credit card, bank transfer, purchase order, or by invoice payment for a period of 3 to 12 months. Upon receipt of purchase order or of payment in full, the Service will be eligible for activation by the Subscriber, or within 90 days of eligibility, whichever comes first. The Subscriber will receive an email notification 30 days prior to the expiration of the subscription, and again 7 days prior to the expiration of the subscription. The Subscriber will receive email notification when the subscription has expired.

3. Methods of Accepted Payment

TeacherGaming accepts payment for MinecraftEdu Classroom Hosting Server Subscriptions using the following methods of payment:

strong>Credit Card

By purchasing a MinecraftEdu Classroom Hosting Server Subscription with a credit card, you represent that you are eighteen (18) years or older and that you are authorized to use the method of payment you have chosen to purchase the MinecraftEdu Classroom Hosting Server Subscription. At the time you purchase a MinecraftEdu Classroom Hosting Server Subscription, we will collect and store certain information concerning the method of payment in order to process the payment transaction. This information may include credit number, expiration date, card verification number, cardholder name, billing address and phone number. We will store such information in a secure manner and use it only for the purpose of processing subscription transactions. With the exception of vendors we use to process payment transactions, we will never share information concerning your method of payment with any third party.

Purchase Orders and Invoice Billing

You may purchase MinecraftEdu Classroom Hosting Server Subscriptions upon our receipt of a valid purchase order. Any invoice purchase under $200 may be subject to a $9 processing fee.

Your purchase order must include:

  • The name of the Organization or responsible for payment
  • The address of the Organization responsible for payment
  • Email address of primary individual contact
  • The amount authorized by the purchase order
  • The date that the purchase order is valid
  • The number of Subscription Months Purchased as a line item for each server.

Please provide the purchase order number in the box we provide during the checkout process and send us a purchase order that you create via email, fax, or mail.

If you do not wish to send a purchase order as a promise of payment, upon request, we will send an invoice to the supplied email address in the store order. Payment is due within 30 days of your invoice date at the below address. Please email sales@teachergaming.com if you wish to pay with a bank to bank transfer, or to pay your invoice with any other electronic method.

MinecraftEdu Classroom Server Hosting Subscriptions will be eligible for activation upon receipt of a Purchase Order or payment in full. When a MinecraftEdu Classroom Server Hosting Subscription is activated by the user, it is considered the start of the prepaid subscription.

We will invoice you upon our receipt and processing of your purchase order. Payment is due within 30 days of your invoice date. If we do not receive payment within 30 days, we reserve the right to suspend your and your students' access to the MinecraftEdu Classroom Hosting Server Subscription until payment is received. Payment may be made using a personal or institutional check drawn on a US bank account. Checks should be made payable to:

TeacherGaming LLC
809 W. 181st Street #231
New York, NY 10033
Email: sales@teachergaming.com
Fax: 888-644-9323

TeacherGaming LLC
Pyynikintie 25
33230 Tampere

If you elect to use the online purchase form in the MinecraftEdu Store, you represent that you are authorized to make a binding commitment to pay for products or services on behalf of the individual or organization indicated and that by completing the Checkout process you acknowledge that you are entering into such a binding commitment with regard to your purchase.

International Orders

We welcome purchases from qualifying educational organizations outside the United States. As noted above, we accept payment for educational purchases, including purchases from non-US customers, via credit cards or via a check drawn on a US bank account. You may also arrange to make payment via an international wire transfer, in which case a non-refundable service fee of $20 USD will be added to your order (in addition to any fees that may be charged by your financial institution). All purchase transactions for MinecraftEdu are denominated in US dollars. If you have any questions or special needs regarding an international purchase, please contact us at sales@teachergaming.com prior to completing the checkout process.

4. Refunds and Cancellations

Prior to Activation

Within the first 90 days following the purchase of a MinecraftEdu Classroom Hosting Subscription, you are entitled to, upon request, a full, “no-questions-asked” refund of your subscription purchase, provided that the subscription has not yet been activated after being made eligible for activation. Only Pro-rated refunds or credits will be provided for eligible unactivated MinecraftEdu Classroom Hosting Subscriptions purchased but not activated outside of this 90-day period for the unused portion of the subscription.. Note that purchased but unactivated MinecraftEdu Classroom Hosting Subscriptions do not expire and may be activated in the future.

After Activation

For your Hosting Service purchase, within 7 days of your subscription activation, you are entitled to, upon request, a full, no questions asked refund. Refunds outside the 7 day window are subject only to outstanding technical incompatibility beyond what is agreed to in the Technical Requirement Requirements.

Recurring Subscriptions

The Subscription can be cancelled at any time and cancellation will be effective starting the first day of the next billing month, meaning that if you notify us that you wish to stop using the Hosting Service outside of the 7 day refund window, you may continue to use the Service for the remainder of the month for which you have already paid with no further usage or financial obligation beyond that.

Prepaid Subscriptions

Prepaid Subscriptions beyond 7 days from activation will only be refunded for the unused monthly portion of the Prepaid Subscription. Subscriptions begin after the server has been activated, or in 90 days from payment processing, whichever comes first.

To request a refund please email us at sales@teachergaming.com.

Disputes and Reversals

If you believe that an unauthorized, suspicious, fraudulent or otherwise problematic transaction has taken place under your MinecraftEdu Hosting User Account or involving your method of payment, you agree to notify us immediately so that we can investigate and take appropriate steps to prevent financial loss.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, you waive all claims against us related to payments unless you submit the claim to us within 45 days after the charge.

4. Liability Limitation and Exclusion

TeacherGaming, under no circumstances, shall be held liable for any data loss, disruption of information, or distribution of information including but not limited to that of unauthorized access to our server systems or any other loss of data. TeacherGaming shall not be held liable for any disruption, delay, or disconnection of services for any period of time.

TeacherGaming is not responsible for any actions taken place in or on our MinecraftEdu servers themselves. The sole role of TeacherGaming is to provide server connectivity.

5. Termination

TeacherGaming reserves all rights to terminate your server or service upon any violation of these terms, and violation of Limitations listed in Part 3 of the MinecraftEdu ToU or any other basis if deemed needed.

6. Support

Any support requests required for our products and services from TeacherGaming shall be submitted through the Customer Service system via emailed tickets. A ticket may be submitted at www.minecraftedu.com/contact. Any other form of contact other than the predetermined email ticket system is not guaranteed a proper answer from an official representative.

MinecraftEdu Hosted Classroom Server Technical Requirements

Even though we are hosting your MinecraftEdu Classroom Server in the cloud, you will still need to install and run the game client on your institution’s computers.

Users can use the MinecraftEdu Client Launcher or the MinecraftEdu Hosting Edition Launcher in order to connect to a MinecraftEdu Hosted Classroom Server.

Please note following requirements:

  • Requires Windows, Mac, or Linux workstations (sorry no iPads, Chromebooks, or Android tablets).
  • MinecraftEdu Hosted Classroom Servers are not compatible with Minecraft: Pocket Edition or the retail version of Minecraft.
  • Must be able to install software locally (note more virtual machines or terminal platforms won’t work).
  • Requires Java 6 release 45 Runtime Environment or newer (ensure offline support installed, and not just browser support). Download Java from - http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
  • Windows installations may require a display driver update to be compatible with Java.
  • Additional hardware requirements listed at Mojang Support.
  • A stable internet connection with appropriate access through any internet traffic filter. Additional network configuration is common.

Technical details for configuring firewalls or Internet filters:

  • All connections from the MinecraftEdu Client use TCP and are outbound-only (there is no need to open any ports for inbound traffic).
  • The MinecraftEdu Client needs to connect to hosting.teachergaming.com on port 80 or port 443 (this is normal HTTP traffic).
  • The MinecraftEdu Client also needs to connect to the following domains on port 25565 (this uses the Minecraft protocol, which is not based on HTTP).
    • hosting.teachergaming.com: (port 80 or 443)
    • minecraft-proxy-us.hosting.teachergaming.com: (port 25565)
    • minecraft-proxy-ie.hosting.teachergaming.com: (port 25565)
    • minecraft-proxy-au.hosting.teachergaming.com: (port 25565)
  • If your school requires all HTTP/HTTPS traffic to go through a proxy, this can be configured within the MinecraftEdu Client by clicking on the "Client Settings" button and then clicking on the "Proxy" button.

  • If your firewall or Internet filter needs to use explicit IP addresses, (which we discourage because it is possible that we'll need to change these addresses someday) they are as follows:

    • (port 80 or 443)
    • (port 25565)
    • (port 25565)
    • (port 25565)

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